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Justice Scales
 Whittier Area Peace & Justice Coalition 

The information on this page does not necessarily represent the views of everyone involved with the Whittier Area Peace and Justice Coalition.  It is provided purely to encourage thought and consideration of possibilities surrounding this most controversial of issues.


"9/11 an inside job?
…A so called
false flag event?
It couldn't happen here!
No one in our government
would ever do that!
Only a wacko would
believe that.
what it would mean
if it were true would
be just too awful
to contemplate."
        ~ Anonymous
                 "We are apt to shut our eyes
against a painful truth…
Is this the part of wise men?…
Are we disposed to be of
the numbers of those who,
having eyes, see not, and,
having ears, hear not?…
For my part,
whatever anguish
of spirit it may cost,
I am willing to know
the whole truth,
to know the worst,
and to provide for it."
        ~ Patrick Henry

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9/11 Information
The information provided here was gathered by those who once believed the "official story."  We hope this is a more sober and less sensational approach which sticks to the facts and avoids wild theories.  Given the emotionally charged nature of this subject, a psychological discussion has also been included.

A curious report from the BBC:  Hijack 'suspects' alive and well

Foreknowledge Videos
BBC       CNN
World Trade Center, Building 7, was not hit by a plane.  It fell at 5:20 in the afternoon of September 11th, in perfect symmetry in about 7 seconds, onto its footprint.

"The performance of WTC 7 is of significant interest because it appears the collapse was due primarily to fire, rather than any impact damage from the collapsing towers.  Prior to September 11, 2001, there was little, if any, record of fire-induced collapse of large fire-protected steel buildings."
~ FEMA (403) - May 2002

Why start with Building 7?
Simply because it is the most glaring evidence to which the "experts" have not yet provided a believable explanation. ( NIST: dog ate my homework)  There is not one word about Building 7 in The 9/11 Commission Report.  The visuals of this collapse have changed the minds of some of the most diehard skeptics.  Those who eventually watch it (the footage has been essentially banned from the mainstream media. example) are forced to believe their own eyes.  A few will choose to remain in deep denial.  For those people, or friends of those people, we recommend the third video (Psychological Resistance) provided below.

For more facts and visuals about WTC Building 7 please watch this video (16:24)
WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11

WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11 (updated)
Uploaded by 11septembervideos

Why did this happen and what does it mean?  The following video provides a very intelligent and clear analysis of the underlying issues that led to the events of September 11, 2001 and the implications for the future.

Brace yourself and watch this video (49:42)
Oil, Smoke & Mirrors

To watch this video in full screen CLICK HERE (then look for this button Full Screen Button)

Full 1 hour, 53 minute film:

49 minute version

What prevents so many people from facing reality?
Listen to an in-depth discussion with Ken Jenkins
on the psychology of the 9/11 issue. (59:08)
Overcoming People's Psychological Resistance
(This full video is no longer available on Google Video or YouTube)
You can watch a 10 minute segment of the original video by clicking the link below
Click Here

Click Ken's picture below to watch an 18 minute interview with Ken Jenkins

link to Ken Jenkins interview

The Truth is Not Enough: How to Overcome Emotional Barriers to 9/11 Truth
PDFPDF Article by Ken Jenkins

Recommended 9/11 DVDs

9/11 Press for Truth is a good introduction to delving deeper into the 9/11 story.  It does not go into demolition theories but it does suggest government complicity.  Most viewers will come away having to consider the possibility that "they let it happen."  It is probably the most professionally produced of the 9/11 films so far.  Show this one to your friends first.
           9-11 Press for Truth 9/11 Press for Truth
Adapting Paul Thompson's definitive Complete 9/11 Timeline, the filmmakers stitch together rare, overlooked news clips, buried stories, and government press conferences, revealing a pattern of official lies, deception, and spin.
see trailer here
Watch 9-11 Press for Truth on Google Video (1½ hours)

The Reflecting Pool is another good introduction for those who haven't yet taken a deeper look into 9/11.  Not a documentary but a drama that includes many important lesser known facts about 9/11.  Well written and researched, The Reflecting Pool can be a stealthy way to encourage your friends to look beyond the official story.
is an intense, sobering investigation into the most controversial tragedy of our time. Drawn from established sources and based on verifiable facts, THE REFLECTING POOL is a thought-provoking study of a search for truth and the profound consequences of not looking for it any further than the nightly news.
see trailer here
Buy The Reflecting Pool on DVD

Severe Visibility is another drama about 9/11.  Also well written and researched, Severe Visibility is a gripping story that can't help but leave people questioning.
  Severe Visibility
United States Army Major Stanley Kruter is forced to face the demons of his past when he discovers compelling information contradicting the American government's official version that a commercial 757 jet airliner crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  Major Kruter's discovery ignites an inner struggle between moral indignation and patriotism catapulting him into a labyrinth of intrigue, madness and suspense, ultimately setting him on a collision course with his destiny in which he will find no return.
see trailer here
Buy Severe Visibility on DVD

9/11 Blueprint for Truth is simply the most credible evidence about 9/11 available on DVD.
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth have proved it.
  9/11 Blueprint for Truth
In this stunning multimedia presentation to the University of Manitoba, Canada, SF Bay Area architect, Richard Gage, AIA provides a packed audience with the evidence of controlled demolition using explosives at all 3 WTC high-rise "collapses", including: near freefall symmetrical "collapse", evidence of thermite, tons of molten metal, ejected steel beams, and molten iron spheres.
see trailer here
Buy 9/11 Blueprint for Truth on DVD
Watch 9/11 Blueprint for Truth on Google Video (2 hours)
Watch 9/11 Blueprint for Truth online (2 hours)

9/11 & AMERICAN EMPIRE: INTELLECTUALS SPEAK OUT was featured on C-span's Book TV (now deleted from Book TV's website) and was hosted by Berkeley, California-based Pacifica radio station KPFA (  This video is a discussion with five reputable experts and scholars.
           9-11 and American Empire 9/11 & AMERICAN EMPIRE:

Editors and contributors to the book, "9/11 and American Empire." assess the Bush administration's responsibility for the attacks on 9/11, arguing that key administration officials either purposefully ignored the threats leading up to the attacks or were complicit in the planning them.  The panelists say that the administration has used the attacks to enact long established plans to expand American empire.  The participants are: David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Peter Phillips and Kevin Ryan.  Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern moderates the discussion.
Watch 9-11 & AMERICAN EMPIRE: INTELLECTUALS SPEAK OUT on Google Video (2 hours)
Watch 9-11 & AMERICAN EMPIRE: INTELLECTUALS SPEAK OUT on C-SpanVideo (2 hours)

We recommend Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush.  With such a grim subject it's appropriate to inject some comic relief mixed with poignant artistic performances.  This fearless hourlong show contains a good balance of both.
           Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush Behind Every Terrorist There Is a Bush
Features talented comics, great music, brilliant flash movies, spoken word, and the confessions of a 9-11 truth activist.  Performed by musician David Rovics, comedian René Hicks, rap artist Drew Dellinger, journalist Bill Santiago and comedian Will Durst.  Edited by Ken Jenkins (see Psychological Resistance video above) and produced by Carol Brouillet.  The DVD includes a bonus 28 minute documentary on the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11.
Watch Behind Every Terrorist There Is a Bush on Google Video UK (1 hour)

Deceptions, a film by Chris Pratt, takes a deliberate pace exploring the structures of the shadow government.  Instead of fearmongering, Pratt presents the facts in a straightforward and logical manner.  Tightly developed, with spot-on music and imagery, Deceptions is informative, compelling and inspirational to anyone seeking the truth.
Filmmaker Chris Pratt writes, "Life was so much better when I lived in the 'bubble' unaware that my freedoms had some very distinct boundaries.  If I stayed in my sandbox I was okay.  But if I ventured out, if I became a critical thinker, read, questioned authority, thought beyond Democrat or Republican, realized that my opinion and perceptions were being managed by a corporate media, realized that there was no public policy only corporate policy, I became a subversive.  But how could I reconcile continual war, wiretapping, unanswered 9/11 questions, torture, rendition, terrorism, the loss of freedom, police brutality, news suppression, the bailouts, evaporation of the public option, a toothless financial reform, no real audit of the Fed, BP's constant lies, political bribery, uncharged war criminals and corruption beyond belief.  My country was disappearing.  How could I do nothing?"
Deceptions website
Watch Deceptions online (78 mins)

This web page has many more 9/11 films that you can watch online:

This web page has 9/11 related products:
(Films, Books, Magazines, Brochures, Stickers, Buttons, Posters, T-Shirts, Rubber Stamps, etc.)

Connect with Los Angeles area 9/11 truth seekers here:

9/11 Truth L.A.

We Are Change Hollywood

We Are Change L.A.

Connect with 9/11 truth seekers anywhere here:

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