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    Our Favorite Spring Produce and How to Cook With It

    Spring is a time of renewal and its warm weather brings a bounty of fruits and veggies. Here's the spring produce you'll want to eat this season, while it's at peak freshness.

    We Found the Best Fast-Food Ice Cream You Can Buy

    Ever wondered which chain sells the best fast-food ice cream? We did the hard work to find out for you.

    How to Make TikTok’s Viral Cowboy Caviar Recipe

    This "caviar" is the perfect mix of sweet, savory and heat.

    Kit Kat Hazelnut Thins Just Dropped, and We Can’t Wait to Try Them

    One of my favorite candies mixed with one of my favorite flavors? I'm all set!

    I Made Ina Garten’s Potato Salad and I Can’t Wait to Share It

    With this Ina Garten potato salad recipe, you'll make a star out of a humble side dish.

    We Made the Pioneer Woman No-Bake Key Lime Pie, and It’s Simply Sublime

    This Pioneer Woman Key lime pie is one of Ree Drummond's favorite summer desserts. She loves the combination of tart...

    7 Menu Items You Won’t Believe Taco Bell Used to Serve

    Fans have been calling for the return of these discontinued Taco Bell items for years.

    We Found the Best Fast-Food Milkshake You Can Order

    Who makes the best fast-food milkshake? We had to know!

    We Tested the Pioneer Woman’s Rhubarb Pie Recipe—and Can’t Wait to Make it ...

    Move over, apple pie! This Pioneer Woman rhubarb pie is bound to be your family's new sweet-tart favorite.

    Why Are CVS Receipts So Long?

    No, it's not because you're buying too much.

    How to Make the TikTok-Famous Cinnamon Rolls with Heavy Cream

    Just one more reason to make cinnamon rolls in the morning!

    People Are Making Deviled Strawberries and They’re the Best Summer Treat Ever

    Fresh strawberries with cheesecake filling? Sign us up! Here's how to make deviled strawberries—the perfect summer snack.

    Driscoll’s Just Released Its Rosé Berries—and We’re About to Rosé All Day

    These delicate pink rosé berries taste like summer in a bowl.

    Here’s Why You Should Get Ice at McDonald’s from Now On

    Many people may not know that you can grab a bag to-go at your local Mickey D's!

    Here’s Why Southerners Love to Put Salt on Watermelon

    Does salt on watermelon make it even sweeter?

    Mountain Dew Is Releasing a Dill Pickle Flavor This Summer

    Who wouldn't try pickle-flavored Mountain Dew?

    This Study Found the Most Popular Egg Recipe in Each State

    I'm an eggs-over-easy girl myself. But the rest of Illinois disagrees!

    Does Soaking Strawberries in Salt Water Really Draw Out Bugs?

    Have we been eating tiny bugs this whole time?

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    Many Products Made with Peanut Butter Are Being Recalled—Here’s What We Know

    This recall includes snack packs with peanut butter as well as truffles, candy and cupcakes.

    Coca-Cola Is Selling Bottles with Attached Caps—Here’s Why

    This new Coke bottle has an attached cap! It might sound a bit strange, but there's a good reason for...

    I Made Ina Garten’s Lemon Bars and They’re Like Sunshine in a Square

    We tried Ina Garten's lemon bars, and they're the luscious, indulgent answer to your dessert cravings.

    This Viral Tape Trick Will Make Your Flower Arrangements Look Professional

    This trick works—a professional florist explains how.